Friday, October 31, 2008

Swan Boats, Public Gardens, Boston

Public Gardens, Boston, Mass.
A unique institution are the Swan Boats that cruise around the Public Gardens in the heart of Back Bay.

July 27, 1972
Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Grandma,
"My best friend (maid of honor) came to visit & she's coming back with me to Vernon for a visit. Quality counts more to me than quantity in friendship, but I'm lucky and have both.

Mom needs more help than I can give her, though I cheer her up for short periods. Aunt M.M. was going to take me to Sunken Gardens, but it rained, remember? She sent us a card and brought me a pretty Florida necklace."

Take care, Love Eleanor

Written in very small writing, this is one of those personal cards brimming with sincerity. No innocuous "weather is great...blah blah" here. "Quality" and "Quantity" are underlined in this note.

The Swan Boats have been around since 1877.

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