Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Perfect Pocono Vacation

Water Sports At
Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania
For a perfect POCONO vacation or honeymoon, MOUNT AIRY LODGE has everything - Private Lake... Ocean Sandy Beach...Boating...Indoor Sports Palace, 6 Indoor Tennis Courts and Indoor Ice Skating...Indoor and outdoor Swimming Pool...Health Club...Orchestra Nightly at our new CRYSTAL ROOM, ROYAL LOUNGE, CLUB SUZANNE and EMPRESS ROOM...TV...Saddle Horses...4 Outdoor Tennis Courts...Reasonable Rates - Include Delicious meals, sports and entertainment. Write for booklet: MOUNT AIRY LODGE, Mt. Pocono, PA. Tel. 717-839-8811. Open all year.
"America's Leading Year 'Round Resort"

July 7, 1976
Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Mom & Rosie

"Having a very nice time. The place is very pretty. The food is good. So far the weather is good. We saw a good show. There is a lot to do here. Well I'll say so long. See you when we get home."
Allie & Jennie

Mount Airy closed in 2001...

"Notwithstanding its unglamorous demise, many a matron can still blush when recalling nights spent amid floor-to-ceiling mirrors, velvet-swagged canopy beds and shag carpeting so blue and deep, it successfully hid several generations of dirt."

''The food was lousy, but it was a legalized orgy,'' said Mickey Freeman, a comedian who often appeared in the Crystal Room, Mount Airy's 2,000-seat show palace that hosted headliners like Bob Hope, Milton Berle, Connie Francis and Nipsey Russell. ''I used to say, 'If you break the mirror above the ceiling, you'll have seven years of bad sex.' ''

from the New York Times, November 2, 2001


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Sean Carter said...

Me and my family had some wonderful memories during out latest vacation at the Poconocs Family Resorts. We always just have such a great time. Great to read the tales of others having those same great times!