Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Six Flags Over Georgia

Atlanta, GA.
SIX FLAGS - "The Mind Bender" - only triple loop ride in the U.S. (2.5 million dollar roller coaster).

April 19, 1984
Atlanta, Georgia

"Enjoying a good vacation but it's too cool and rainy. Helen & Kenneth are up home this week. They are getting a new Pontiac at Thorpe's to-day..leaving their old one for Milton. I was up with Bubbles last week-end, and will do the same this week-end. Home on the 27th." Don

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Heavy Stuff from Champaign

Ferdinand Leger (1881-1955) Yellow Flowers in a Blue Vase

October 27, 1965
Champaign, IL

"Talking to you makes me feel so happy. Completely relaxing - and removes what Paul Young calls my "bitterness", i.e. the cynicism that comes out of disgust. But after talking to you, I live in an aura of happiness that lasts quite a while. Really, just thinking about you suffices if I'm not real tired. Took a nap last night after classes and woke up naturally think about you (which is a marvellous way to wake up) and the combination changes my whole perspective from one of confusion and disgust to optimism." LOTS OF LIKE - Claire.

Cavalier et Cheval
Peinture japonaise anonyme du XVII siecle

November 2, 1965
Urbana, Illinois

"YOU, SIR, DISTRACT WAY TOO MUCH OF MY ATTENTION. However - except for peculiar occasions you do not obsess me - just the quite frequent thought of you adds great delight to my day - BUT this evening, well really every two minutes is not conducive to productive study." (Signed with a heart)

I debated about posting these. Such personal notes really belong in a performed envelope, not on simple post cards, let alone on the Internet in a frivolous weblog. Everything about these cards amazes me. It's hard to believe that a college student would write in such reflective and analytical tones. In some ways, the messages to John almost seem suffocating. I wonder what happened.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Shamrock

THE SHAMROCK - 414 North Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach, Florida.
Ultra-modern, ocean front apartment hotel near Broadwalk and Bandshell. Offering luxurious comfort in an atmosphere of informal refinement. Apartments accommodate 2 to 8 persons. Daily, weekly, and monthly rates. PHONE 2-0252.

February 9, 1957
Daytona Beach, Florida

"Enjoyed the drive down w/Ag, Eliz, and Wes B. We're staying here while Ag and Eliz continue a trip through the state. It's 80 degrees and the beach is lovely."
Best to all, Harriet.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A well cultivated farm

Greetings from Hunter, N.Y.
"I know few things more pleasing to the eye....than a well-situated, well-cultivated farm." -Edw. Everett

March 31, 1964
Hunter, New York

"We finally got the heat on OK!! We also have a saw. We will call the telephone co. today. Its cold as heck up here! The kids here have school now!" See you, Love, Barbara.

I can't confirm that this, but the quote may be attributed to Edward Everett (1794-1865), a Whig from Massachusetts who became the president of Harvard and Secretary of State under Fillmore. Another claim to fame is he gave a two-hour Gettysburg Oration in 1863 that was eclipsed in history by Lincoln's two minute Address. (Wikipedia)