Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Countess of Dufferin

Countess of Dufferin
The first railway engine to enter western Canada, Winnepeg, Man. Canada. Many years later it was presented to the City of Winnepeg and stands in front of the C.P.R. Station, a monument to progress. Part of the C.P.R. Station is in the background.

July 26, 1962
Olympia, Washington

Having a good time. Stayed here a day between trains in a nearby hotel- A lovely trip across Canada and a very beautiful day on the boat, bus, and boat to Vancouver Isl. and Seattle. Saw the Fair yesterday. More about that later. A lot of walking for what you see, me thinks. "

As ever, the Hancocks.

The postmark on this card says "America's Space Age World's Fair Seattle USA 1962"

A Little History

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Pavilion of the Vatican, New York

The Pavilion of the Vatican New York World's Fair 1964-65
"Peace through Understanding"
Designed to create separate distinct settings for its major exhibits - Michelangelo's "Pieta" and an early Christian sculpture from the catacombs, "The Good Shepard."

July 22, 1962
World's Fair, New York

"Thought you'd like to have a stamp. Words of mine can't describe what we are seeing. Road subway to & from Fair last night."

See you, Vi

The cupola of the Pavilion is now part of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Groton, CT. The stamp the writer speaks of is an Italian stamp with an image of the Pope, I think.

New York World's Fair

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fire Island, New York

LEJA BEACH HOTEL Davis Park - Fire Island, N.Y.
Easily reached by ferry service from Sands Pit Dock, Patchogue, Long Island, N.Y. Ideal for Surfcasting, Swimming, Yachting and Sun Bathing. Tel. GRover 5-0300.

No message on this postcard, but it's a First Day of Issue for a 9 cent Air Mail Stamp, postmarked in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina on May 15, 1971. I don't know what amenities constitute a hotel over a motel, but I suspect that a finished wall over the studs is one of them. Somehow I think the yachting crowd from Long Island deserved better.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

That Little Old Winemaker

That "Little Old Winemaker" of the Italian Swiss Colony Winery That "Little Old Winemaker - Me" symbolizes the finest traditions of winemaking which are carefully followed by the Italian Swiss Colony at Asti in the heart of one of California's finest winegrowing districts. Visitors to the winery are shown each step of the winemaking process as they tour the extensive cellars set among hundreds of acres of choice vineyards. The winery and Tasting Room are open daily.

August 22, 1962
Asti, California

"Having a fine time. This place is interesting. "
Best Wishes, Anne & Howard

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Fabulous Bay Lawn Apartment Motel

300 feet from Florida's Finest Beach
Bay Lawn Apt. Motel
406 Hamden Drive South
Clearwater Beach, Florida (On the Gulf of Mexico)
Hotel Rooms, efficiency and bedroom apartments, electric kitchens, electric heat and air-conditioning, T.V, heated swimming pool, shuffleboard court, private dock, boating, fishing and bathing.

July 7, 1969
Clearwater, Florida

Hi Folks-
"This place, Wow! Having a ball. See you soon."
Mary, Charles, Joan, George, Nancy and Jill

I love these 1960s era motel scenes.This place still exists, although the image on Google maps is not quite as idyllic.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hotel Mark Hopkins - San Francisco

The Top of the Mark is located high in the sky on the topmost floor of Hotel Mark Hopkins. The luxury and glamour of this unique room and the breathtaking panorama from its windows combine to make it America's most spectacular cocktail lounge. - Geo. D. Smith, Gen'l Manager

June 22, 1946
Berkeley, California

"I made it."
(Written in very shaky fountain pen ink..)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Seven Mile Bridge - Florida Keys

Aerial View of the Seven Mile Bridge
Longest Over Water Span in the Overseas Highway System, in the Florida Keys

February 15, 1974
U.S. Post Office Florida Keys

"Greetings from the Florida Keys. The sun is very good for me. Will write when I get home." Glenn

Saturday, September 20, 2008

St. Paul's Church - Norfolk, Virginia

Old St. Paul's Church, Norfolk, Va. One of the few buildings not totally destroyed by fire caused by bombardment from Lord Dunmore's British Fleet on January 1, 1776. The church was struck by cannon shot and the cannonball is embedded in cement in the spot where it struck. Note: Cannonball over plaque.

April 22, 1957
Norfolk, Virginia

"You did a good job on tuning up the Ford. She ran wonderful. Hey! Your popping the buttons." Love, Mom & Dad.

The cannonball is barely visible below the gutter on the right side of this uninspiring photograph.
More History

Friday, September 19, 2008

Augusta National Golf Club - Augusta, Georgia

The Augusta National Golf Club is one of the world's greatest golf courses. Robert T. (Bobby) Jones Jr., collaborating with Dr. Alister McKenzie, after much planning and extensive preparation, completed in 1932 at Augusta, Ga., what is hailed in golf circles as one of the greatest golf courses ever built. Each of its holes has been fashioned after holes on famous courses from St. Andrews to Pebble Beach.

March 17, 1952
Augusta, Georgia

Dear Mr. Lamb-

"Just to let you know I arrived here safe- The weather is balmy so are the people- Will see you when I get back to N.Y.? -Diane

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Christian Admiral Hotel, Cape May New Jersey

Christian Admiral Hotel
Showing pool and auditorium located at scenic Cape May, New Jersey

August 29, 1968
Cape May, New Jersey

Dear Mary and Julius,

"I got down here safe and sound. Expect to stay until the 3rd or 4th of September. Having a wonderful time with Virginia Bowers. We went shopping this morning and I bought a pretty pr. of shoes. My friend does everything for me but breathe. I believe that she would do that for me too, if she could. See you next year."

Love, Viola

The building was demolished in February, 1996.

A really good article on the history of the building: Watching History Go Away

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Havoline Thermometer - Chicago, Illinois

Twenty-one stories (218 ft.) high. Shows temperature by neon light tubes. Sponsored by Indian Refining Company, Lawrenceville, Ill., makers of WAXFREE HAVOLINE MOTOR OIL – best for all cars, winter or summer, because it contains no wax. Wax turns candle-hard with cold, water-thin with heat. Keep wax out of your motor! WAXFREE HAVOLINE MOTOR OIL IS SOLD AT ALL TEXACO STATIONS.

October 31, 1933
Chicago, Illinois

"We took a ride and saw the main part of Chicago. Having a nice time at the Fair. "- J.Q.M.

Constructed at the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago, the Havoline Thermometer seems to have been be one of the most popular attractions at the Fair, judging from the number of images and souvenirs found with a quick on-line search.

More information:

Chicago World's Fair
Century of Progress