Monday, January 19, 2009

Port Austin, Michigan

July, 1907
Port Austin, Michigan

"Rec'd your post card some time ago. I am getting along pretty well so far. Have not upset the barrel yet. Tell your father I will write perhaps next week." Sincerely, J.R. Kay

On the front:

"This is one of Port Austin's residences, I play tennis on this lawn quite often. Ees dees not nice haus?"

This is one of the oldest cards I have. Prior to 1907, post cards were designed to only allow messages on the front, with the back reserved for the address. This card straddles that change in design, as the back is designed for both message and address, but the sender chose to write on both sides. The message on the front contains some pseudo-German in the last sentence.

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Martin said...

are you interested in selling this postcard from Port Austin? the house is called the "Questover". It is my home town.