Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Laughing Water - Circus Circus

Laughing Water - Smiling clown face welcomes sun-lovers to sparlking pool at Circus Circus Hotel/Casion/Spa, mid-way on Las Vegas Strip. Carnival games and 13 hours of free circus acts daily, plus lavish gaming casino, variety of restaurants and snack bars, shops, convention facilities and 800-room luxury hotel provide full family recreational facilities at Las Vegas' most unique resort complex.

Las Vegas, Nevada

"We are having a great time. Very hot 110 degrees and getting hotter. We sat next to 'Tommy' on 8 is Enough on the plane. We went boating, lost the anchor. We are going to see Tony Orlando tonite." See you soon, Love Linda.

I wonder how many small kids were terrified to jump in the water here. And where exactly do you go boating in Vegas anyway?

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