Monday, September 15, 2008

The Havoline Thermometer - Chicago, Illinois

Twenty-one stories (218 ft.) high. Shows temperature by neon light tubes. Sponsored by Indian Refining Company, Lawrenceville, Ill., makers of WAXFREE HAVOLINE MOTOR OIL – best for all cars, winter or summer, because it contains no wax. Wax turns candle-hard with cold, water-thin with heat. Keep wax out of your motor! WAXFREE HAVOLINE MOTOR OIL IS SOLD AT ALL TEXACO STATIONS.

October 31, 1933
Chicago, Illinois

"We took a ride and saw the main part of Chicago. Having a nice time at the Fair. "- J.Q.M.

Constructed at the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago, the Havoline Thermometer seems to have been be one of the most popular attractions at the Fair, judging from the number of images and souvenirs found with a quick on-line search.

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