Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Countess of Dufferin

Countess of Dufferin
The first railway engine to enter western Canada, Winnepeg, Man. Canada. Many years later it was presented to the City of Winnepeg and stands in front of the C.P.R. Station, a monument to progress. Part of the C.P.R. Station is in the background.

July 26, 1962
Olympia, Washington

Having a good time. Stayed here a day between trains in a nearby hotel- A lovely trip across Canada and a very beautiful day on the boat, bus, and boat to Vancouver Isl. and Seattle. Saw the Fair yesterday. More about that later. A lot of walking for what you see, me thinks. "

As ever, the Hancocks.

The postmark on this card says "America's Space Age World's Fair Seattle USA 1962"

A Little History

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