Thursday, February 19, 2009

Heavy Stuff from Champaign

Ferdinand Leger (1881-1955) Yellow Flowers in a Blue Vase

October 27, 1965
Champaign, IL

"Talking to you makes me feel so happy. Completely relaxing - and removes what Paul Young calls my "bitterness", i.e. the cynicism that comes out of disgust. But after talking to you, I live in an aura of happiness that lasts quite a while. Really, just thinking about you suffices if I'm not real tired. Took a nap last night after classes and woke up naturally think about you (which is a marvellous way to wake up) and the combination changes my whole perspective from one of confusion and disgust to optimism." LOTS OF LIKE - Claire.

Cavalier et Cheval
Peinture japonaise anonyme du XVII siecle

November 2, 1965
Urbana, Illinois

"YOU, SIR, DISTRACT WAY TOO MUCH OF MY ATTENTION. However - except for peculiar occasions you do not obsess me - just the quite frequent thought of you adds great delight to my day - BUT this evening, well really every two minutes is not conducive to productive study." (Signed with a heart)

I debated about posting these. Such personal notes really belong in a performed envelope, not on simple post cards, let alone on the Internet in a frivolous weblog. Everything about these cards amazes me. It's hard to believe that a college student would write in such reflective and analytical tones. In some ways, the messages to John almost seem suffocating. I wonder what happened.

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